Cities For Everyone

This site is a free inventory of ideas aimed to enhance urban planning towards more inclusive and fair cities. Feel free to refine these solutions and to help materialize them.
Discuss, use and share!
These ideas are a result of the activities from the Cities For Everyone Workshop, an event that took place at São Paulo’s Red Bull Station in February 2017.

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Cities For Everyone - Solutions

You can find here the results of our 2 hour workshop where the participants came out with solutions for smarter and more inclusive cities, Each group has defined a persona, a challenge to be addressed and a technology to be used. We know that this is a short time, but the idea is to have these solutions as conversation starters for projects to be developed along the next events. Please help us refine these ideas and spread the word about them. Join us on the challenge of building better cities for everyone!

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When you donate you help us amplify our impact through new workshops like Cities For Everyone, bringing more women to an active role on the development of solutions that can benefit our society as a whole.