From tools that help fight harassment and violence, up to measures to improve the mobility of mothers with small children. Meet the solutions suggested by our participants and help us move these ideas further:

App that matches people from the same neighborhood to arrange routes to walk together in safety

Mobile app that connects people from the same neighborhood to share the same path in order to avoid walking alone. Persona: Women who are afraid of going out alone at late hours or early in the morning, regardless of their neighborhood. Challenge: Take the bus on very early or late hours can be discouraging for

Special bus lines integrating home, nursery and large terminals through an app that customizes routes

Special bus lines integrating home, childcare facilities and terminals through a geolocation mobile app that allows for route personalization. Persona: 29 year old woman with a  4 year-old child. Lives in the outskirts and works at the city center. Has interrupted her studies after college. Challenge: How can we reduce the commute time between work

Shared baby carrier system near public transport stations to facilitate mother and baby mobility

Shared baby trolley at public transport stations, in order to help women mobility.   Persona: Toddler moms who live on the outskirts and use multiple transportation means. (bus, train and subway)   Challenge: These women have a higher cost on transportation, since the baby trolley needs more space and women have to handle it along

Map of events about gender and an app to facilitate getting around the city

Interactive map connected to the gender equity event agenda with an app that helps moving around the city. Persona: Middle-class women connected to groups related to gender equity and cycling Challenge: Misrepresentation of women on public spaces. Solution: Open event agenda directed to gender equity discussion and offering more than an inventory, but also helps

App that chooses the faster routes for those who walk on foot

Mobile app that suggest the best routes for people who move along on foot. Persona: Black woman, moves along on foot, overloaded by work. Challenge: How can we help people who live on the outskirts, are overloaded by work and need to move along on foot?   Solution: Mobile app exclusively for women that mixes

A mobile unit that encourages the use of bicycles and is also a space for the community

Mobile unit to boost the bicycle use on the outskirts of the town, connected to local gathering places. Persona: Black woman, excessively busy, moves along on foot,  overloaded by work. Challenge: How can we help reduce the tension provoked by work overload suffered by people on the outskirts of São Paulo? Solution: Mobile unit that

Lamp that connects mother and child to reduce absence

Night lamp, lights up to alleviate the absence of the mother towards the son through wireless connection. Persona: Single mom of small children, age around 32 years, working at night shift. Challenge: Mom is not at home at the same time as her kids. How can we reduce the emotional impact of this absence? Solution:

App to connect nearby families forming support networks

Mobile app to connect families that live nearby, building a support community. Persona: Single mom of small children, age around 32 years, working at night shift. Challenge: Help moms who do not have someone with whom they can leave their children, since work and school shifts do not match.   Solution: Develop a mobile app

Chat bot to facilitate communication between mothers and the public school

Chatbot to mediate the communication between bolivian moms and the public school where their children study. Persona: Bolivian mom with 5 year old children. Came to Brazil to work as dressmaker at the Bom Retiro area. Works long hours and has a hard time with the language and with monitoring her kid’s school routine. Challenge:

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